Friday, April 15, 2016

Maple Syrup Week--Maple Field Trip


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     We have a great living history museum in the next town, Willowbrook, that has provided several field trips this year.  Maine and New Hampshire have Maple weekends every year, so the kids have seen modern evaporators before, even the latest reverse osmosis set-ups (not that they are ready to understand that technology!)  However, Willowbrook has historical equipment to check out.  We had read and very much enjoyed Little House in the Big Woods earlier this winter, so we had a solid background in old-fashioned sapping. 

Similar set-up to Grandpa's in the big woods.
The original sap set-up, wooden spile and hollowed out log.
Looking in a sap bucket.

Picture of old-time sap house

Collection of wooden spiles.

Feeding the evaporator with new friend.
Sap collector.


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