Monday, March 21, 2016

What's In A Name?

"We did school today!"

It's what I'd love to hear my children excitedly tell their Daddy when he comes home at night.

It's what I say with a sense of relief to my sister-in-law after days of sickness have prevented our educational advancement.

It's what I think to myself every time we get another one on the books.  We did school today!

I've never had a job more fulfilling, exhausting, frustrating, or enjoyable as teaching my own children (although I used to teach other people's children--their grown-up children--and I liked that very much as well, so it's possible that teaching is "my thing").   Every day truly feels like an accomplishment, though some more so than others!  I take too many pictures, frankly; I think I annoy my friends, though they haven't said so.  So I'm going to park my pictures here, proof that we did indeed do school today, something to look at when I feel discouraged, some evidence that my toil has not been in vain, that I am not a totally undisciplined lazy bum, some answer to the imaginary criticisms most often only launched at me by myself.

I hope other people will enjoy looking at what we've done, feel inspired, and share their own ideas as well.  But We Did School Today is also a message to myself: you did it, girl!

Can anyone relate?  Anyone else got a hearty "we did school today!" to share?


  1. You could totally use this blog too, for end of year evals!!

  2. You could totally use this blog too, for end of year evals!!