Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Early Elementary History Concepts--Comparing Sources/Multiple Sources

Before we get into actual stories of history, we are laying some groundwork.  Too much for K-2nd graders?  Maybe.  But why not give it a shot?  So far, I am happy with their apparent grasp of the concepts I've presented.

For this first concept, we wrote (they dictated) the classic "what I did this summer" compositions.  Siblings were separated and when we came back together, we compared notes and observed which events only one sibling mentioned, which both mentioned, and which they both mentioned but with different details.  It was quite interesting!  I think I asked too many leading questions with my two students, but Bonnie did better.  At any rate, we talked about the fact that they had both had similar experiences but chose different things to highlight.  I asked whether we got a better idea of what happened that summer from just one person's story or from comparing two, and I'm happy to report that they said, "Two!"  So far, so good.

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